Two hearts living in just one mind- that is a song

So, over the weekend I told Derek my man that I was going to get him a present, and went over to Borders bookstore and picked out a book for him. I deliberated for a while, and finally decided on one. He has been telling me that he wants to start/expand his library, and I love books, so why not lend a hand?

Also, I love spilling the beans on surprises. It is really hard for me to not tell. So, after picking up the book, I asked Derek if he wanted to know what his present was, and of course he said no. So I gritted my teeth and kept my trap shut.

So guess what happens? Derek sends me a text today about this awesome book he found at Books A Million. I ask for the name and author, and wouldn't you know it, it was the same exact book!!!! SO, I had to tell him that it was the same as his present!!!!!

Great minds think alike, and I may have met my mind match!!!!!


CSP said...

Fate...sounds like fate!! Loves it!

and the keyword for my post was patogin...pat o gin