I owe so many posts, but here is a story of what i found funny today!

Ok, happy Labor Day weekend!!!  I worked so many hours this week at the day care that I could only work 1.81 hours today before hitting overtime, which is a major no-no.  So, I went in at 6am, and left a little before 8!  And then the new and improved four day weekend began! 

I had lots of car related business to take care of, so off I went.  First, I went to get my new Tennessee car tag, waited 45 minutes until my number was called, and informed I did not have all the proper documents I needed to receive a tag.  Boo.  Here is a side note on how to handle government agencies. 

1- Check to see what the proper documentation is- this could have saved me some time today, and several hours when Derek and I were going to get our driver's licenses right after moving to Memphis. 
2- When entering an unknown government public agency, follow the person who came in before you and do what they do.  To an extent that is, not if they are acting crazy or anything.  Last week I went to get my new social security card with my new last name and didn't follow the "follow the person in front of you" rule, and four or five people got in front of me in line!!!!  Here is why you follow them- most likely (100% of the time in my instances) you are to get a number from the machine, which may be electronic, and then sit in the people corral.  Follow the person in front of you to the number machine, and keep in mind, it may be behind you.  That is an airplane instruction reference. 

Ok, so I was off to my next automobile related fun.  Getting an "F" endorsement on my license so I can drive the little day care bus!  Last week, I went and got my new license with my new last name, and asked for the endorsement, having no idea what that would entail, and ended up failing the test by one question!!!!  Today I got the drivers test book to read while I waited, what a productive use of my time!!!  I also drove 30 minutes to go to the DMV in Millington, which took only a little over an hour!  Worth it!

Ok, back to my fun adventure.  I am feeling pretty good about myself, and go to get my car inspected.  What a fun time!  I don't know why, but it was really cool!  And there was awesome automobile sculptures and art to look at while driving in to the station.  And it was free!!!!  Embarrassingly, I did not know where my parking brake was or how to activate and de-activate it- thank goodness I had an awesome employee with me to only tease me a little!

So , back to the county clerk's office to get my tag.  I went to the Austin-Peay location this morning, which moved swiftly while I talked with a group of jolly characters and worried about my car being broken into.  I thought I would try the Germantown location for the afternoon trip so I could conclude my awesome weekend start with some grocery store action.  I found the office in a plaza, and as I was walking up, I notice the place was packed with people all standing up.  I walked in and kind of got nervous, there was no one to follow with everyone milling about.  So I did rule 3- ask someone where the numbers are.  My exact words were "Is this the number line?" and was told that the people milling about were waiting to get their tag renewed.  Then I realized that the people were not milling about, but actually standing in a line that coiled around the inside wall of the buidling TWICE. There were two layers of people.  I kind of walked in between the two lines and got my number.  Then I see that in the middle of the people coiled line is a waiting section of about 45-50 chairs in rows.  There were about 4 other people sitting down.  I sat in my own row and waited for my number to be called.  It was very awkward, because all around were people just looking around at each other and not being very happy.  I couldn't play angry birds because I thought they may watch me.  I really wanted to take some pictures of the people line, but figured that would piss people off as well.  I was just dying for there to be a third row start, I would have for sure taken a picture then, but it was about 4 people short to start a third coil.  I was just tickled the whole time watching people finding the end of that line and then realizing how long it actually was, it really helped pass the time. 

In conclusion, if you need to get your tag renewed in Memphis, DO NOT go to the Germantown location.  Their air conditioner does not work either, but they have box fans. 


new diet

Ok, in an effort to lose weight in a super fun way, Derek and I are using Herbalife.  Did I mention fun?  I should have said starving.  But if starving is fun, then I may have to invest in adult diapers to catch all the peeing-my-pants fun that I experience regularly.  But as my dad said, "hey, if you're hungry, and not eating, you'll lose weight."  Well, I have almost been on for two weeks, and last week i lost 3.5 pounds!!  Ok, more on that later.


Crafts I have been making- Part 1- Cross Stitching

Ok, I am going to show a few of the crafts I have been working on for a while back!!!

I like (ok, really like) cross-stitching, even though a certain sister of mine may have mentioned polident being needed when I would discuss it with her. I have always looked for cute patterns, and have found and done some smaller themed ones, like beach themed, and made things for babies. As I write this, I realize that I have not cross-stitched anything for my future niece, who will be here in May! I must get on the ball considering I have made something for all the other babies in the family (Corrie, I still have one that I made for Noah, just stopped short of completing it!!!).

This brings me to something else totally random, my yuck personality trait of not finishing things I start. This goes back to when I was a kid. I never even completed Super Mario Brothers. The first one. I mean, it's not that hard. I just get to those hammer head bros and can not pass them! Other video games that I play now, as a grown up, I will reach 99% and lose interest. What's up with that?

Staying on topic, before the new year, Derek and I went to a craft fair, a favorite pastime of mine, and I found some awesome cross stitch patterns!!! I had looked at the craft fair website to go ahead and check out the vendors that would be present, yeah, I have lots of time, and found this vendor!!! I bought a couple of her patterns and will show them to you now!!!

This one is so cute, and was quick and easy for me to do!!!

I thought this pattern was hilarious!!!

I got the first two from Lizzy Stitches. This bottom one I absolutely LOVE, and got the pattern out to the magazine Britain's No.1 cross-stitcher!!!!

Hooray!!! I am happy to show off these crafts!!!


Renaissance Festival!!

Ok, so after tour de broward Derek and I went to the Renaissance festival in Deerfield beach. I was google mapping it, and the first mapping led us to the main office of the Renaissance festival. We were driving through this warehouse area, and I told Derek, I am going to be very surprised if it is hidden back here. Eventually we realized we were at the wrong place, and not a huge park, like we were supposed to be. There were some workers around there, and I thought it would be hilarious for us to dress up renaissance style running between the buildings in case some other lost people looking for the festival showed up.

Ok, here are some of the pictures I took at the festival!!!

The entryway-

Check out these boots!!! There were some crazy outfits here!!!

I would just walk up to people and ask to take a picture with them-- I hope the majority of them were staff!!!!

They had lots of different shows and things to watch- here is one of them on chivalrous fighting.

These ladies were so cute!!! They invited us to their show later where they would tell jokes and sing!

These women would walk round and were totally in character- a little too much maybe!

Here the lady was stirring a giant pot of poop and then ate a piece of corn right out of it! So gross!! Also, very funny!

This knight was taking some time out to check out his cell phone! he is lifting his face shield with his horn! Also, he may have been hiding from my photos!

This lady had only a few front teeth!!! Her outfit was awesome, made of shredded newspaper or something!!!

Ok, now this weirdo baby man. We got to the festival really early, right after it opened, and this character wasn't out until we were leaving. It is a man on stilts, and we walking around acting like a baby. A tall, creepy, scary type baby. I couldn't stop watching him interacting with people and watching them getting creeped out. He called me inappropriate for laughing at him when the wind blew his table skirt up.

I loved the renaissance festival so much!!!! I will totally go to one again, and I would like to dress up next time!!!

Tour de Broward 2012

So, my New Year's resolution was to run the 5k at Tour de Broward, our annual fundraiser for the oncology/hematology floor at the hospital. After one training session, I decided that I was no longer going to train, just wing it. I did a lot of swimming type exercises to help my body be prepared. The bog day drew near and I did mediumly!!!! I walked the majority of it, but ran for about a mile, not all at once. I didn't come in last!!! After the race, there were lots of booths and things to check out. Here are some pics from it!!!!

Also, I am very excited because I just figured out how to post several pictures at once!! Score!

Here I am before the race:

When the race started, in the drizzling rain, I was thinking, Oh boy, this is so fun!!! I am jogging in a huge crowd of people. Several minutes later, I was like, oh no, I am being passed by a huge crowd of people!!!

Hooray!!! Here I am, finishing the race!!!!

I was a member of Team Lotsy, and this is a picture of several of the members!!!

Here I am with Lotsy Dotsy, our clown!!!!!


December 2011

Wow- what a month!!! Christmas time at a children's hospital means donations, community groups wanting to get active in the hospital and donations!!! Did I mention donations?!?!?!??? About mid month, it would be a good day if I didn't snap at a co-worker of have someone cry in my office!!!! I am still having to bake a lot of cakes as thank you's to different departments in the hospital.

Some highlights:

Ritchie Sambora came to the hospital to visit the kids and staff- he was so nice to all!!! Here is a pic of him with some of the child life crew!

Christmas time also calls for a lot of parties for our kids!!! I got to be a part of the yearly Dialysis party and our yearly Love Jen Holiday Party, where past and present oncology patients get together and have an awesome time!!! I got on the dance for and pretty much never left- thankfully I brought a change of clothes for afterwards!!! I actually got to lead a conga line!!!

I got to go home for the holiday and spend time with my family!!! I was so glad to see my sweet little niece! Some pics of the family that I snagged from my cousin Corrie:

Needless to say, I had a great time at home with the family!!! I am also glad that the month is over and I can go back to working normally!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

November 2011

Well, November went by pretty smoothly, just trying to get prepared for what December would have in store at work- more on that next post. I was just trying to enjoy any peace and quiet that I could find!!!! For Thanksgiving, I went to Derek and his grandmother's to have a wonderful meal with some of his other family and his grandmother's friends and boyfriend. It was so funny- I pretty much spent the entire night showing Derek's grandmother's boyfriend how the iPhone works. He enjoyed it so much that he suggested I work as an iPhone sales person!!!

You know, the only thing that I really do not love about Thanksgiving down here in south Florida is that no one makes turkey and dressing. Everyone makes stuffing. It is nowhere near as delicious to me, so it is a little disappointing to not get it!!!!

Towards the end of the month, we had a man come to the hospital and bring a life-size working R2-D2. We took it around the hospital to show some of the kids. Here is a pic with me and his children.